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March 15, 2021

A new process is turning food waste that would end up in landfills, into natural gas and other valuable by-products instead.

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“The most effective innovation strategies are the ones successfully implemented”

December 14, 2020

A strategy for innovation should be inspired by a clear vision of how a organization wants the world to see it.Pursuing growth…

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“Innovation doesn’t mean success is guaranteed, but you’ll definitely fail without it.”

October 21, 2020

This quote accurately describes the situation many companies are currently finding themselves in. In a world of ever-continuing change, which is fast…

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„Innovation ist keine Garantie gegen das Scheitern, aber ohne sie ist das Scheitern garantiert“

October 13, 2020

Dieses Statement beschreibt wohl ganz gut, in welcher Situation sich viele Unternehmen derzeit befinden. In einer Welt des fortschreitenden Wandels, welcher Schnelllebigkeit,…

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Is your Business Fit for Growth?

April 19, 2020

In the today`s economy businesses have to reinvent themselves continuously, either through new business models, new target markets/group or new disrupting technologies….

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Call for Startups – accelerate your business / unlocking China, venture investing & commercialization

March 20, 2019

Recently I joined forces with an interesting investment team that is “contrarian” in that it’s focused on commercializing and monetizing the China…

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Inefficiencies of Data Intelligence cost $17.000,- per employee/year

January 16, 2019

According to IDC (2018) the inefficiencies of data intelligence and knowledge are costing U.S. organizations $1.7M per year for every 100 employees,…

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80% of your employees feel not valued? – unlock the power of your people

January 15, 2019

80% of workers worldwide don’t get enough recognition weffect’s Motivational Compass 2018 surveyed over 6,000 workers worldwide to find out how motivated…

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Business Opportunity – Advisor at PK TechVentures

December 11, 2018

  Our Mission PK Tech Ventures is enabling, connecting and scaling startups to global businesses. We support tech startups to grow their…

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Is your startup ready for global growth, even entering Chinese Market?

July 31, 2018

You aim from growth of your business and to increase your startups company valuation? Your tech start-up is looking for major global…

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