Call for Startups – accelerate your business / unlocking China, venture investing & commercialization

Recently I joined forces with an interesting investment team that is “contrarian” in that it’s focused on commercializing and monetizing the China market for rest of world innovation.

We already have offices in Zhuhai, Macau, Shenzhen and I just opened the Silicon Valley office. European office based in Vienna will open April 1st 2019.

In addition to the commercialization team, we also have two funds.

We’re looking for deal flow, to build bridges and to build partnerships. In addition to our own deal flow, a number of VC’s and CVC’s have found this model very compelling (risk mitigation, high potential yield and valuation bump) for their portfolio companies that are ready for China and ready for scale. So this is a call for everyone interested to enter China market with the highest chances to win.

The collaboration model is that there’s chemistry for a JV, we funds ALL things China domestic, hire the right team, drive product market fit, go-to-market and take responsibility for driving adoption. We also like the ability to invest in the parent company. In fact, we even put the parent holding company in Macau from the outset to help facilitate easier repatriation of profits to key non Chinese stakeholders.

We are open minded related to industry domains and especially interested into AI, Data Analytics, PaaS, interesting platforms, SaaS, smart and clever consumer electronics, energy (green), health (nutrition, supplements)

Get in touch with us if this is interesting or there might be synergy.

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