80% of workers worldwide don’t get enough recognition

weffect’s Motivational Compass 2018 surveyed over 6,000 workers worldwide to find out how motivated they are to increase their performance and productivity. We have found that at present, companies don’t use the motivational power of recognition.

The weffect Motivational Compass is one of the largest surveys of its kind. Over 6,000 people participated in an online survey conducted in September 2018.

The three most important indicators show the potential for improvement in companies around the globe.

The lack of pride – The lack of recognition – The emotional gap

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There have been earlier surveys and according to the American Psychological Association´s 2016 Work and well-Being survey, only about half of employed adults in the United States feel valued by their employer and sufficiently rewarded and recognized for their efforts. So we see this trend is accelerating over time and needs action to be taken.

Substantial consequences appear

Imagine walking into a company and discovering that more than 3/4 of the employees don’t feel rewarded, recognized, or involved, Think all the consequences of that: less motivation, lower morale, poorer performance, higher churn, more complaining at the water cooler, and more resistance in meetings.

Get into the driver´s seat and unlock the the hidden potential of your employees

The good news is that it´s easy to change this situation simply by inviting all the employees to use the weffect app developed by Stratact, an Austrian based startup with an AI-driven way to empower all workers to contribute fully to the company’s bottom line.

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The weffect app is a unique recommendation engine for the everyday use based on an elaborated data platform and smart algorithms. Every user is unique! Tailor-made content fitting his peer-characteristics and individual user behaviour.
Workers are nudged by personalized AI-based recommendations and encouraged to estimate and regularly share their own impact on the bottom line. It’s all about empowering to do the right things more often! And, it’s great fun to swipe through inspiring content, read what others do, subscribe users and like posts. The artificial intelligence mentor for everyday business with smart nudging, easy and intuitive use, focus on personal actions, constant feedback and transparency creates measurable effects and increases in the company’s financial result!

I would guess, assuming you are running a large organisation and seeking to improve your business, you may want to get in touch to be among the early adopter of weffect.

You can reach out to mailto: office@pk-techventures.com we will be glad to support you on getting started.


(quotation based on Brendon Burchard- High Performance Habits – High Performance Research LLC 2017)