Our Mission

PK Tech Ventures is enabling, connecting and scaling startups to global businesses.
We support tech startups to grow their company valuation and get first business from major global reference clients. We do help the startup to experience a smooth collaboration with corporate clients while implementing their product into their complex structures, striving for international growth! PK Tech Ventures is based in Austria and provides global reach to the US, LATAM, Europe and APAC.

We are looking for Executive Advisors to help implement our mission.

  • You share our passion to fill the gap between innovation driven by startups and corporate structures and their challenges, thus creating maximum business value for both.
  • You have held, or still hold a senior position and retain a solid network with global players. You would like to help solve their challenges and advance innovation by introducing start-ups from our portfolio.
  • You‘re part of the ecosystem and support startups to become “corporate-ready”: Introduce and connect them with your stake holders and engage to help scale their business from proof of concept to global roll-out.

Why is this so important?

Because we strongly believe that good ideas will create impact. We build on strong relationship management, enabling us to maximize the results between startups and corporate clients.

What does that mean for you?

  • You decide for yourself which startups to pick from, which projects or initiatives you’d like to work on to maximize success.
  • Our success is based on sharing revenue generated through your work and business relationships between startups and corporations.
  • You are part of a global network of advisors to exchange best practice, collaborate on global projects, and choose from selected startups.
  • As you may run or think of running your own business today, this can be an excellent opportunity to stay engaged with your network, add value in a growing ecosystem and solve challenges with fresh approaches.

Where are you located today? We are interested in Advisors in the following countries:

In the US: California, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas and Florida.

In Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nordics region, Russia/CIS and Poland.

We would like to hear from you if you have solid and durable relationships to key stakeholders and decision makers from various Industries, such as Technology, ITC, Consumer Goods, Fashion & Lifestyle, e-Commerce, Retail, Financial Services, Health, Digital Media and Automotive.

Interested? Get in touch for more information.

Please contact us using our contact form or send an e-mail to