“Having lots of know-how and innovation power inside your organisation is a real asset and still represents only a fraction out of what is available on the global market. There are millions of intelligent talents, know-how, technologies and solutions available on the global market. We support companies to reach visibility and access these know-how, talents and technologies to outperform competition and grow their business.”

STOP – we are NOT another Innovation Consulting Provider – We do support our clients leadership team, the R&D and innovation management similar to a temporary reseach/innovation team. We support our clients to accelerate their strategic plans and strategies whenever there may innovative technologies, new materials or methods play an substantial role to become successful. Our contribution is to research globally for suitable solutions, provide insights on options available and to shortlist the most compelling technologies and solutions to support our clients mission.

..and the bottom line is to support your revenue and profit growth!


Identify your innovation potential

Identify worldwide available technologies, new target markets or even new applications based on your capabilities to support your defined strategic projects where innovation may play a substantial role for success!

Make wise decisions

Prepare different technology options to choose from to solve your challenge. Provide you with the business intelligence about new markets & opportunities based on your expertise, skills and existing IP to support your strategic decision making

Increase competitiveness

Strengthen your competitive position through access to new innovative technologies, markets, methods and processes to increase your level of competitive efficiency and effectiveness!

“My vision is to support as many open minded organisations as possible to utilize their maximum capacity to successfully serve their markets and grow their business.”

Karl Pfister-Kraxner, Founder PK TECH VENTURES


What is is about

Cost-effective & FDA-cleared neurological monitor for Remote Patient Monitoring with potential to become the global standard of neurological evaluation,at the clinic & home


Over one billion patients who suffer from neurological disorders (Costs are about 800 Billion USD in the US alone)

Diagnostics and treatment are based upon short and infrequent clinical visits,thus limiting patients’ quality of care, and increasing treatment costs


Based on an Application for for Smartphones, they are linking between traditional neurology and modern technology, allowing neurological evaluation to be conducted by anyone, anytime and anywhere

What is it about

The company develops, manufactures and sells a range of innovative gas sensors based upon a breakthrough MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology.

Challenge & Solution

Gas sensor component market is living a real technological breakthrough leading to birth of nanosensors based upon MOS technology (Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
The company overcome the only weakness of MOS Technology : selectivity, meaning the ability to identify one single gas among many other
MOS technology makes possible :
– high volume production
– size reduction  smaller power requirement (upto ~97% power reduction).
– integration in wearable devices, enabling a new level of mobility in environmental monitoring.

What is it about?

San Francisco based Technology Startup offering a Cognitive Conversational Platform for Enterprise allows you to having a simple conversation with your data and getting insights from multiple data sources without writing reports or getting data elsewhere.

– The company uses natural language AI to query a database so anyone with access can gather advanced reporting and analytics quickly and without the need for learning new skills
– Is revenue generating and commencing pilots with very large enterprises and having a long pipeline list of prospective clients.
– Exceptional team with seasoned executives in engineering, sales, marketing and operations
– The company is a recipient of Software and Information Industry Association’s “Best Overall” and “Most Disruptive” for Big Data awards.

What is it about?

An Israel based technology company is helping helps clients (Corporates/Brands) to make comprehensive decisions by predicting the market’s emotional reaction to an idea, product, branding identity, or marketing message.
To achieve this, the company has developed an innovative AI-based cloud system that scientifically extracts emotional insights from data. The service is affordable, has a short response time, and does not require special expertise
The Consumer Insights challenge for major brands
“People buy on emotion and justify it with logic”. About 95% of all human buying decisions are generated emotionally and fast below the conscious threshold. The emotional knowledge is practically not accessible. That is why companies use the rational thinking to learn about the emotional/impulsive thinking…and it does not work. Which means that the most essential layer of emotional data of the consumers is missing in the decision-making processes.

What is it about?

An aviation technology company out of Israel and has been developing an aircraft that is a ground-breaking improvement on existing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft such as helicopters or fixed wing designs.
The challenge is ow to fly thousands of people at rush hour onto a small area typically a highrise rooftop – Safely – Quietly – Sustainably – Efficiently – Profitably
Having already a full functional proto type with +300 test flights successfully completed. Meets all of Horizon 2020 goals for Sustainable Urban Air Mobility
The market for flying cars could rise to $1.5 trillion by 2040

What is it about?

Austrian based Technology Company and has developed a universal PropTech Solution Builder Suite & Building Operating System in order to:
– Multiply the lifetime revenue of any Building for its (Digital) Owner = increase your NAV
– Improve the market value of any Building by maximizing operation comfort and minimizing operation cost
– Create new business models through Digital Ownership = create solid long term revenue with any building, even if you don’t own it!