Your tech start/scale-up is looking to grow your company valuation and get first business from major global reference clients? You want to address your innovation to their business needs? You seek for smooth collaboration with corporate clients while implementing your product into their complex structures? You aim for international growth?


At PK TECH VENTURES, we operationally manage the access to our worldwide relationship network, enable and process the expansion strategy of technical innovations with the aim to scale start/scaleup`s global business. 

We strongly believe that any idea can create big impact and grow.


We enable you.

We will make you shine with your proposition in front of global reference clients and key stakeholders once we are on our journey.

We identify your innovation’s featured values, and match them with individual needs and challenges of corporates and prospects across all industries.

We help you to describe your products and services value proposition in order to secure that corporates, decision makers and investors understand the unique benefit and advantage to them.

We connect you.

We connect you with the most relevant stakeholders of global corporates to expand your reach and visibility on the stage to global business collaboration and success.

Our international executive advisor network – with a strong corporate and start-up heritage from Silicon Valley, Israel and globally – covers relationships with a majority of the Fortune Global 500’s players.

Based on our own professional experiences and personal relationships, we give access to corporate innovators, corporate venture capitals as well as private investors and business angel networks.

We scale your business.

After enabling and connecting, you will experience your business to grow and your company valuation to increase.

To foster your growth, we stay at your side up to 24 months. While you further innovate, we take the time to deeply engage with your corporate customer around the globe.

We nurture efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders, guide you through the complex corporate processes and requirements, and orchestrate your collaboration at any stage: from implementation and pilot phase to full international roll-out.

“Start-ups are my inspiration. Each time, it’s such a delight to see young innovations revolutionize our rigid world and grow.”

Karl Pfister-Kraxner, Founder PK TECH VENTURES


What is is about

Bring agility into your market decisions, excelling on speed and ease of use. What today takes days or weeks using a traditional market research provider, can be performed in hours, making it much easier to get current insights from the relevant consumers in any country of the world.


Today any enterprise seeking to test a new product, concept or a marketing campaign, to check the status of brand health, hiring a traditional market research firm may require 6-8 weeks until you receive some insights. On top of this this activity will be bear substantial costs. Furthermore the reach of consumers, the sample sizes and the country coverage for global enterprises represents an additional barrier to overcome.


Imagine you could have instant access to 550 million consumers in a total of 150 countries. Through a solution delivering results within hours including a swift set-up and even live reporting. Target consumer groups can be reached at a low incident rate of down to 3%, you can even see what device model and telco operator service is in use by the consumer.
Agility/Speed to Insights; for example the delivery time for a full insight report in i.e. UK (sample size 500) is 10hours, in the US, China and Russia it is 7 hours.
The solution is based on a proprietary dynamic sampling technology. The technology allows further to define specific targeting at the same costs as a general sample. This revolutionizing dynamic sampling enables to reach consumers worldwide without utilizing external panels. With access to more than 15,000 mobile apps, websites and advanced algorithms, they generates a live sample to each survey, allowing very specific targeting combined with high volumes.

What is it about

An Intelligent Incentives platform enables retailers and brands with e-commerce business to perform precision targeting of shoppers with personalized incentives, accelerating sales growth, optimizing profitability, and increasing customer loyalty.


Intensifying competition in the retail industry is driving mass discounts and promotions across the board and placing significant pressures on profitability. Current “one-size-fits-all” promotion method is ineffective as it does not address the inherent behavioural differences across shoppers.
Brands with the intention to increase their ecommerce business often face challenges with their retail channels as they see the brands ecommerce site as a competitor. The brands pricing strategy needs to go in line with heir channels even though this isn’t supporting their growth intentions.


An Intelligent Incentives platform uses AI and machine learning algorithms, developed by data scientists and behavioral economists, to perform precision targeting of shoppers with intelligent incentives, offering the optimal incentive type, level and experience in real-time.
The platform offers the ability to elicit, capture and harness shoppers’ emotional responses. It detects shoppers’ probability of purchase and their willingness to pay (i.e., price sensitivity), leveraging this information to present each shopper with personalized incentives through unique experiences that are based on cutting-edge behavioral economics thinking, positively impacting purchasing decisions. This data-driven platform helps retailers and brands accelerate sales growth, optimize profitability, increase customer loyalty, and deliver seamless shopper experience both online and offline.
This approach and solution replaces existing inefficient one-size-fits-all discounts and promotions with intelligent personalized incentives, converting shoppers to buyers while increasing the profitability of each sale.

What is it about?

It is about an intelligent agent for enterprise using Salesforce CRM (advanced platform support in the pipeline) – powered by Natural Language and voice-enabled. It converts questions you type or say in a second, collects the data from your Salesforce CRM – to give sales reps instant access to information, managers near real-time analysis.


How many times have you changed a report or a search to get exactly what you needed? How many times have you had to wait for your Salesforce Admin to get you that “custom” report? According to Forrester, the average BI report costs more than $8,000 to create.


The solution leverages the power of Conversational Analytics. It lets you get information from Salesforce by just asking questions – and having conversations. They key USP is that the users questions are contextual understood and the relevant information is selected rom different places and formed to an answer back to the user, in almost real time (1-2 seconds)

The solution uses an instantly familiar chat interface. Ask questions like “Show me opportunities created last week” – and instantly answers with a table of data. Follow with “Which ones are over 50% probability” and the table is redrawn to your demands – all in seconds.

Implementation is very simple, connecting to your Salesforce account in seconds. The solution has been incubated by Salesforce and is fully certified as module for your salesforce CRM.


What is it about?

Unleashing the full potential of all workers as it directly links all actions to company goals and results – and expresses impact in monetary terms!


How to increase employee engagement and motivate the employees to do the right things more often? In these times many triggers have been used already to become more effective and efficient as an organisation. The permanent questions about increase of output and productivity is always present – still bears some challenges because it is also about people.


The solution/app is a unique recommendation engine for the everyday use based on an elaborated data platform and smart algorithms. Every user is unique! Tailor-made content fitting his peer-characteristics and individual user behaviour.
Workers are nudged by personalized AI-based recommendations and encouraged to estimate and regularly share their own impact on the bottom line. It’s all about empowering to do the right things more often! And, it’s great fun to swipe through inspiring content, read what others do, subscribe users and like posts.
The artificial intelligence mentor for everyday business with smart nudging, easy and intuitive use, focus on personal actions, constant feedback and transparency creates measurable effects and increases in the company’s financial result!

What is it about?

Enabling brands to substantially raise ROMI (return of marketing investment) by more than while solving the transparency challenge.


Accelerate the decision-making process within leadership strategy. Lifting the success ratio for proof of concepts and to Improve ROMI based on cross department KPIs to maximize the business value.voluptua.


Analytics Strategy for companies, which do not have any existing models of ROMI calculation:
Data gathering for media mix modelling Model creation and implementation to Media Mix Tool for pilot product/region Media Plan Manager implementation for gathering data for media mix model Models for all products / region implementation

Digitalization Strategy for companies, which have own models of ROMI calculation:
Media Plan Manager implementation for automatization process of media plan creating and executing Statistics gathering Media Mix Tool implementation for ROI calculating and budget allocation

What is it about?

The technology uses sophisticated cognitive-behavioural science and powerful algorithms to decode and predict user behaviour. With a detailed analysis of individual user needs, any digital product can now be hyper-personalized as if it were custom-made for each user.


Companies are constrained by their overreliance on big data to gain insights into users. An astonishing amount of available data is far too broad, inaccurate and irrelevant to effectively interpret users. As a result, brands are misdirecting their efforts, wasting resources and missing crucial opportunities to convert users into loyal, engaged devotees.


Example of  addressable Industries are Insurance, Banking, HR-Solution & Recruiting, Health, e-Commerce and any business having a large customer base to interact with.

Our startups pioneering technology generates detailed psychological insights into individual users at scale and within minutes, and analyses daily evolving behaviour without requiring manual input from the users themselves. Our technology offers a meaningful look at the real human being behind the screen, rather than analysing them as part of a broad segment. INFI present you the most effective way and time to interact with each user according to their individual personality and evolving mood, and how to customize the experience they really crave.