Most of our customers already have an innovation process or a strategy for further commercial growth, which is why they are well positioned with it.

However, these companies often still need new technologies, materials, processes and also cooperation partners for the successful implementation of their strategy.

Nothing is more painful than investing in a brilliant plan or strategy that does not deliver the desired results. Especially if it`s because a small but crucial “piece of the puzzle” was missing.

We help you to find “your puzzle piece”.

We support companies from a wide variety of industries in successfully implementing their plans and strategies.
We make this possible by researching and analyzing the necessary new technologies, materials, processes or partners for them, thus enabling success.

..and the bottom line is to support your revenue and profit growth!


Identify your innovation potential

Identify worldwide available technologies, new target markets or even new applications based on your capabilities to support your defined strategic projects where innovation may play a substantial role for success!

Make wise decisions

Prepare different technology options to choose from to solve your challenge. Provide you with the business intelligence about new markets & opportunities based on your expertise, skills and existing IP to support your strategic decision making

Increase competitiveness

Strengthen your competitive position through access to new innovative technologies, markets, methods and processes to increase your level of competitive efficiency and effectiveness!

“Innovation doesn’t mean success is guaranteed, but you’ll definitely fail without it.”

Karl Pfister-Kraxner, Founder PK TECH VENTURES

Project Examples . excerpt

Pioneering innovation for the textile industry

Studies show that around 400,000 tons of textile waste are accumulated in Germany alone per year. To date, only a fraction of this figure is recycled because high-quality recycling of clothes was recently considered virtually impossible from a technical standpoint because more than 90% of textiles are made of different and mixed fibres. Thanks to its sophisticated in-house tool, PK-Techventures was, however, able to identify several promising technologies and methodologies.. These processes separate the blend of cotton and polyester, previously considered a no-go in terms of recycling, and then makes them recyclable as separate raw materials again.

What is it about?

We identified several type of methods to substatially reduce some toxid substances from more than 40 million litres of industral wastewater. The KPI to measure is called COD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand). Based on the findings and the technology clustering by our client decided on which technologies to be most feasible to have potential to reduce Lignin or long-chain organic compounds or lignosulfonates in their wastewater.

Case description

A client from an industrial business is operating several businesses while the size of each businesses havent been much in balance. The clients stratgy was to expand the the business areas not through organic grwoth but through an acquisition on an suitable company with a reasonable marketposition. Describing the M&A tagret candidate the same way like we do it for a technology gives us the profile, description and the requirements such a company need to provide.

Case description

It is a clear trend currently to replace used materials with more sustainable materials with biogradeability or an higher grade of recycling options. Our approach on this is divided into materials available already in several niches of startups or established businesses. More often we identify solution in this field in one of the hundreds of universities and institution we are screening for our projects.

What is it about?

Austrian based Technology Company and has developed a universal PropTech Solution Builder Suite & Building Operating System in order to:
– Multiply the lifetime revenue of any Building for its (Digital) Owner = increase your NAV
– Improve the market value of any Building by maximizing operation comfort and minimizing operation cost
– Create new business models through Digital Ownership = create solid long term revenue with any building, even if you don’t own it!