According to IDC (2018) the inefficiencies of data intelligence and knowledge are costing U.S. organizations $1.7M per year for every 100 employees, and European organizations €1.1M per year for every 100 employees.

Salesforce says that 33% of Sales & Marketing people say “research is their top non-revenue task (Source: Salesforce 2018). According to InsideSales, 18% of Salesforce user´s day is spent in their CRM. (Source: InsideSales 2018)

The Challenge

is that for instants, how many times have you or someone in your team changed a report or a search to get exactly what you needed? How many times have you had to wait for your Salesforce Admin to get you that “custom” report? According to Forrester, the average BI report costs more than $8,000 to create.

Spending too much time researching information

Your sales team spend too much time researching information and working with spreadsheets just to enable you as a manager to receive accurate data and reports to make proper decision. So how can you address this challenge and get this solved?

The Solution was incubated by Salesforce in Silicon Valley

Quarrio ltd., a Silicon Valley based Startup has been getting recognition and praise before it’s even shipped. That’s why it was named overall winner as well as “most disruptive” as early as 2014 by the Software Information Industry Association. Quarrio were also selected for the inaugural Salesforce Incubator program, part of Salesforce’s efforts to collaborate with high- potential startups.

Quarrio is extracting value from Salesforce data as simple as having a conversation. It is based on a revolutionary intelligent agent that uses the power of Conversational Analytics to help sales reps and managers get information from Salesforce.

Quarrio is powered by a neural-network-enabled, learning system with a Natural Language Interface. Quarrio converts “show me opportunities closing this month” into a query that Salesforce understands – and returns data, table s and charts accurately, and up to date.

WATCH the VIDEO: Quarrio CEO KG Charles-Harris tells what they do

We at PK-TechVentures found very compelling that:

..the users questions are contextual understood and the relevant information is selected from different places and formed to an answer back to the user, in almost real time (1-2 seconds)

WATCH the VIDEO: Quarrio Demo

Instead of waiting for reports from ops, sales reps and managers ask questions of Salesforce
Quarrio converts questions to SQL queries – instantly – and returns answers. Charts, tables – in seconds
Dig deeper into previous answers nwith conversations, without any knowledge of Salesfroce data or tables
Sign up, sign in and start asking questions against standard objects in seconds, with little to no onboarding
The System learns and adapts to your usage, learns language, data & math

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